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Specializing in the beauty industry business, we have also successfully helped other businesses excel in their passions. After tripling multiple clients income in just one year, we have realized we have no limitations to any trades. From guiding the beginning of a brand new business to helping people pull themselves out of debt, we have created a perfect business structure for you to grow with. You don't just get one on one coaching, you get an entire team behind you. 

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1 hour Evaluation $150

After you submit the form below, we will contact you to go over a business evaluation and growth plan.

New Business Start Up $1,200

Think of us as a business partner, only you get to keep all of your profits and we get to watch you succeed. This is definitely something you must invest in to make sure you are setting your business up for success. No trial and error here. Let us guide you through the common mistakes we have helped fix in past broken business start up structures. We commit a minimum of 6 hours to start this process. 

Salon Suite Guide $1,200

This is a perfect way to make sure you are set up for success. Going from commission to self employed can be intimidating. Let us teach you the different ways to run payroll, apply and understand the difference between different business licenses and liabilities. How to plan for tax season. Target market and marketing strategies. We commit a minimum of 6 hours to reviewing and setting up a detailed one on one session and goal guide. 

Weekly Check-in $400

Getting a weekly check in from us is typical after 2-6 months with us. We commit at least 2 hours of our time reading over your reports and analyzing your new business structure. 

Monthly Check ins $600

Getting a monthly check in from us is typical after 6-12 months with us. We commit at least 3 hours of our time reading over your reports and analyzing your new business structure.  We go over your month to month numbers to make sure you're staying on track. Checking in once a month will help you realize exactly where you're at in your business when you have become too busy with your weekly check in. 

Video or In Person Session $200

For a minimum of one hour you can sit in with us while we answer any of your business questions. 

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What Our Clients Say

Mackenzea L.

Color & Extension Specialists


I am a Master Stylist of 7  years. I started off my career at a commission base salon only making roughly $400-$600 weekly! After not excelling my weekly pay for a few years I then hired McKenzie as my coach! Within the first six months of her coaching I doubled my sales! Later that year I invested in my own salon suite and  made my first six figures, all in the year span. Definitely couldn't have done it without McKenzie's coaching! Investing in yourself pays off!

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